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Second period - The first new halls (1960 - 1988)


Aerial photography taken in 1968

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During the early 60´s, the University began to experience a population growth and introduced some institutional reforms that changed the needs regarding the campus. As a consequence, the period in which the Institution´s first halls (William McCarthy [current Block J] and Franco [current Blocks G and Gb]) were built started; during this same time Los Andes acquired more buildings and lands to be prepared for the University´s future growth. The new lands that were added to the Campus during this period were those ones that belong to the following areas: Campito de San José, Shelter for street children, Gata Golosa and the former Germania brewery. So, in the late 80´s, the Campus had about 8 hectares and a built area of around 402.570 sq. ft. 

Built area vs population


periodo 2

Lands: re-urbanization.

Constructions: "Temporary constructions", new buildings.

Space: designed for its use.



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