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Los Andes Campus building and development has been determined by two conditions: the irregular terrain where the Campus is and the characteristics of some of its halls (that have been declared cultural heritage). The first circumstance has produced the need to build irregular paths to move through the place; the second one has created the need to join together the new constructions with the old ones. These two facts have made the Campus development dynamic and have provoked a heterogeneous growth; with its big and permanent challenges and with the vast knowledge it has left.

Los Andes Campus history can be divided into 4 periods. Each of them stands out for having different nuances regarding the foundations that served as a basis for the development of the Campus and for sharing the objective that seeks to provide physical support to the Institution, according to the conditions of each moment and to the demands of the academic activities. These periods into which the development and building process of the Campus is divided are:

  1. First period - Adaptation of the first campus, the final one (1948 - 1960)
  2. Second period - The first new halls (1960 - 1988)
  3. Third period - The first comprehensive development plan of the Campus (1988 - 2000)
  4. Fourth period - The big changes (2000 - Today)



First period

Second Period

Third Period

Fourth Period


1948 - 1960

1960 - 1988

1988 - 2000

2000 - 2010

Gross floor area

6,18 Acres

19,77 Acres

23,52 Acres

23,47 Acres

Built area

  122.708 sq. feet

  402.570 sq. feet

  566.493 sq. feet

1'677.329 sq. feet

Source: SigCampus 2010




Aerial photography of the Campus taken in 1951.
Source IGAC




Oblique aerial photography of the Campus taken in 1968.
Source: Saúl Orduz



TIMELINE (1948 - 2008)

Los Andes halls timeline; from 1948 to 2008 (Spanish).
Source: Dirección de Planeación y Evaluación



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