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In addition to TransMilenio, Bogotá has a large number of buses and minibuses that offer a wide variety of routes, providing access to the center from anywhere in the City. The cost of a trip in one of these vehicles is $ 1,450 pesos during the day and $ 1,500 pesos at night and/ or holidays. These buses do not have pre-determined stops or stations, so you can get on and off wherever you please.

To arrive at the University, take a "Germania" bus, get off at the closest point to the Avenida 19th and Carrera 3rd, and walk eastbound along the Eje Ambiental (pedestrian walkway). At the end of the walkway you will reach the Mario Laserna and the Santo Domingo halls gateways (labeled as Block ML and LL, respectively). The Franco Hall gateway (Block G) is located around the corner, on Carrera 1.

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